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Grace Hudson students are respectful, responsible and safe
Estudiantes de Grace Hudson son respetuosos, responsables y seguros
Family Resources » Chromebook FAQs

Chromebook FAQs

What to do if my Chromebook is damaged, broken, won't power on, etc...
During this period of remote learning, for any and all Chromebook issues, please notify our administrative staff of issues your student is having with their device at your earliest opportunity. This allows us to get you a device for your student to use while we repair your student's original device. This way, we may continue to practice the state mandated social distancing while lessening the down time to you and your student(s).
Make sure to report exactly what happened/what is damaged so we can get your device repaired as quickly as possible.
The less information you provide, the longer it takes to get it fixed.
A good suggestion for technology is - "When in doubt, bring it in. Better to have us look at it and find nothing or need minor repairs than put it off or hide it and have to pay for a new one."
Examples of when to bring the Chromebook in:
  • Stolen (report this ASAP)
  • Lost (report this ASAP)
  • Blank Screen
  • Broken Cases
  • Broken, damaged or missing keys
  • Cracked Screens
  • Doesn't Charge
  • Doesn't Power Up
  • Dropped / Knocked Over
  • Spills
Loaner Chromebooks not returned after your student's device is repaired and returned may result in a possible charge for the non returned property.
Can my student use their own computer for remote learning instead of their Chromebook?
Currently, all students 2nd grade and up have been provided the opportunity to have their classroom Chromebook assigned to them during the remote learning experience. However, students are not limited in the devices they may use when not on school grounds.
What security measures are in place to make sure the computers are used appropriately?
  • A filtering system is in place and the system works both at school and at home. It limits students from accessing inappropriate sites. If it's blocked at school, it will be blocked at home on the student account and Chromebook.
  • You also have the option of limiting any social media sites by letting either the Principal or Front Office staff know. You can find their direct contact information on our staff page here.
  • The school monitors all student activity.
Where can my student get access to the internet after school?
Students may access the internet from any UUSD school site. There are also many public places around town where students can access free internet.
What happens if my student damages/loses their Chromebook?
  • Each Chromebook has been issued with a protective hard case and a charger designed for the device. Normal wear and tear is expected, but any damage or loss due to negligence or abuse will either be repaired or replaced at the cost to the student. The cost of the repair will depend on which part of the computer is damaged (For example - a damaged screen would cost approximately $35.00 to replace while an upper chassis replacement can potentially cost upwards of $56.00 depending on damage).
  • There is an optional insurance plan available for a limited time at the beginning of each school year. This is highly recommended for all families.